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 How I Made My First Feature Film - Making The Tin Man - (read the first 10 chapters)

It details the trials and tribulations experienced in order to make a first feature film, "Tin Man." Not some Hollywood publicist's account, but the no-holds-barred description of everything that happened - the triumphs and the disasters.
The book takes you through every step from raising the money through distribution. There is a major emphasis on directing actors, dealing with unions and what a director needs to know about editing. Lots of important information available nowhere else.

"If you're going to make a feature film you'd be well-advised to read this book first."
                    Ronald Neame, Director ("The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie," "The Poseidon Adventure.")


Ten Things Every Producer and Director Should Know
Ten More Things Every Producer and Director Should Know
It’s Just Some Extra Zeros...
Making the Tin Man: How I Made My First Feature Film
The TRUTH about the SAG Ultra Low Budget Agreement
All About Completion Bonding Companies
Money Savers!
The Strange Tale of Peter Borg
Nice script. Where is the budget?
An honest look at film festivals
Screenplay Structure the PROPPER Way

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