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Finally, commercial production bidding can be easy to do!

This specially designed program will produce bid estimates that conform with the industry standard format.  It will actualize a budget anytime during or after production.  Although this program was originally designed for commercials, it's constantly used for budgeting both hour-long and episodic television programming, documentaries, music videos and corporate productions.

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 Product Features

With Easy Budget you’ll create your production bids much faster than ever before.

The industry-standard format means your bid will be understood and accepted by everyone.

So easy to learn! Easy Budget's clear and simple approach is actually a check list for budgeting any production. Every account line is a reminder, "Will I need this?" or "Did I forget that?" This means you can start creating accurate bids right away.

Easily handles both estimated and actual costs.

Our online labor database supplies all the important labor information you'll need - FREE OF CHARGE.

Easily share your bid versions with others - no need to buy another $1,200.00 program.

High quality graphics: Screened-in totals and sub-totals - print in color if you like. You can’t buy a better looking or more impressive budget.

Works with the spreadsheet you already own.

Applying fringes and other global values has never been so simple to do. There's no need to apply globals over and over again. Set a global value once and forget about it.

Powerful enough to do your payroll too! Detailed totals and sub-totals are provided for every cast or crew member in every department.  Easy Budget automatically applies and calculates all fringe benefits for any union or guild. Non-union shoots too. With just one mouse click!

Unlike the more expensive programs, you can test for “what if” in seconds rather than hours.

 System Requrements

Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP/Vista
CD/DVD-ROM drive
Any version of Microsoft Excel
(Will not work with MS Works or AppleWorks®)


Mac OS version 9 or later including OSX
CD/DVD-ROM drive
Microsoft Excel, (Can be any version of Excel prior to Excel 2008 for Mac) (Will not work with iWork or Apple Works®.)

Retail price for the Commercials version is: $199.95
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